Costume design & Production

Eliza Vlasova has been designing costumes since 2013, usually having construct costumes on her own or with a small team of co-designers/stitchers. Costumes she designed and constructed have been on stages in Maryland and Colorado, while her craft work has been included in nationally touring productions from Troika Entertainment. Resilience, visual impact, and affordability are her staples when creating costumes. Her versatility with textiles and crafts allow her to create sophisticated costumes that accurately follow the illustrated designs. In additional to being able to create designs out of the ordinary, she is equally experienced at working with contemporary costumes that are shopped and altered. 


The Portal

Costume design, production, & wardrobe management for a cast of 8 actors and dancers. Stylist and on set dresser/makeup artist for video shoot.

electric pharaoh

Costume Assistant to Naomi Davidoff in executing her designs for a futuristic rock opera.


Co-designed with Taylor Carlton, Susannah Horrom, and Matthew Beale. 

The Apocalypse comes at 6pm

Costume designer for a small budget show for a cast of 8, shopped to create a Romanian look from the early 2000s.

Tropic of X

Co-designed and constructed with Melanie Lester and Matthew Barry for a cast of 8.